05 Jun 24

Unlocking Business Growth: How Analytics is Your Secret Superpower

Over a cup of chai, Amar, the co-founder of DataSlush, posed a thought-provoking question: "What is Analytics?" His question sparked...

23 May 24

From Noise to Art: Exploring Stable Diffusion and Creative AI

INTRODUCTION: Never a day passes when I don’t find myself scrolling through the infinite loop of YouTube Shorts. Has it...

23 Apr 24

Setting Up a Mixpanel to BigQuery Data Pipeline

Introduction: Welcome to our comprehensive guide on setting up a Mixpanel to BigQuery data pipeline. This process is vital for...

23 Apr 24

Building Smart PDFs: OpenAI/Gemini, Langchain & pgvector (Node.js)

Hey everyone!  First-time blogger here, battling a PDF problem. Is anyone else tired of wading through documents just to find...

18 Apr 24

Unlocking Trust: The Power of Cookie Consent in Online Interactions

Introduction:Hello, digital adventurers! Welcome to Dataslush. Today we're going to talk about something pretty cool yet kind of mysterious: Cookies...

17 Apr 24

The Story of Data

Hey there! Ever wondered how a bunch of numbers and data points can tell a story?  Well, buckle up because...

17 Apr 24

The Power of Values: DataSlush’s Path to Building Best Teams

Introduction For an organisation to become successful in what they are trying to achieve relies on strong core values &...

06 Feb 24

Beyond the Numbers: The Evolution of OKRs as DataSlush’s Guiding Light

Introduction:  It’s been more than 1 year since we started DataSlush(at time of writing this post 🙂 ) with the...

23 Dec 23

Creating a Custom Data Connector For Google Looker Studio

Are you looking to fetch data from an external API and display it in Google Looker Studio, Don’t know where...