The Power of Values: DataSlush’s Path to Building Best Teams


For an organisation to become successful in what they are trying to achieve relies on strong core values & ethics. I had heard this a lot of times and had experienced it in bits and pieces  in my professional career, but I am experiencing it more closely now(in DataSlush) than ever. In this blog post, I will talk about the values that we believe in and how it is helping us to build best teams and gain customer trust on us

Why do we care about values ?

When we started DataSlush, we had set simple objectives for us and they are as follow

  1. Deliver outcomes with quality
  2. Enhance Customer Self sufficiency

Having above objectives helped to keep us focused on delivering quality outcomes with full transparency. Initially we had faced a few hurdles while working with our customers as we were making mistakes and rectifying them by learning.  We focused on building trust with our customers with 100% transparency. We started explaining to our customers transparently what is going well and what is not going well in the project. Our customer started appreciating the fact about being transparent with them. This experience helped us to realise that transparency is very much crucial in our work culture.

We always wanted to deliver outcomes with quality, but to achieve that we had to learn many new things that we didn’t know about and having junior people in the team was another big challenge.  We focused on empowering them by making them learn in the right way and let them make independent decisions. It had a huge impact on quality of outcomes

We felt that we are able to do certain things in the right way because our individual ethics are super aligned with each other. This led us to think that we need to establish the values which everyone in the organisation should be following. As we become bigger, we need people who have the same ethics and practise the same values. This was crystal clear as why should we care about values

Values that we have derived from our experience

Our experience helped us to define the core values that we want to follow and make them an integral part of DataSlush. We believe that as we grow bigger, core values would have a huge role to play in the culture that we are building at DataSlush. Core values are the guiding light for us to establish the trust from our customers and within teams. If we are not practising the values that we are speaking then there is no way we would grow in future. Core values are going to be instrumental in DataSlush’s success. Here is the snapshot of the values that we have defined at DataSlush

Innovation : We continuously encourage innovation, we have established Research & innovation lab where different teams can propose the ideas of their interests and work on them

Transparency & Integrity:  We are very much transparent with our customers, we do not keep our customers in the dark. We tell them upfront all the risks and uncertainties. At same time, we also promote transparency & integrity within internal teams. We treat all the people associated with us in the same way, be it our customer, internal teams & vendors 

Commitment: We are super committed to DataSlush & our customers. We believe commitment is the key to our success. We rigorously follow the OKRs, everyone in the organisation is committed to work on OKRs that we have set for organisation 

Empowerment: We encourage individual to make decisions by their own, we run dedicated programs for upskilling and keep on sharing knowledge with each other.  We are big believers in “Culture of Curiosity”.  Below are the words of our CEO (Jigar Navadiya) about Culture of Curiosity in one of our all hands meetings.

“I firmly believe in fostering a culture of curiosity within our organization. By empowering our team members to embrace their natural sense of wonder, we unlock endless opportunities for learning and growth, driving us towards greater success and innovation”

Empathy: We treat each other with respect and empathy. We value and actively listen to the unique perspectives and styles of our team members, fostering an environment where ideas are heard with empathy and compassion. We offer flexibility for work-life balance, supporting remote work during medical emergencies and prioritizing physical & mental health.

The reason what is making DataSlush successful, is the PEOPLE! They have shown trust in DataSlush and commitment to grow. Sharing one of the team photos from our recent team outing. 

I have a huge belief that people who have joined your organization in the initial days are going to become the pillars for the organization’s success and also become successful in their individual career. Learnings are going to be paramount from the journey of an organization for both founders and people who have believed in their vision


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