Unlocking Business Growth: How Analytics is Your Secret Superpower

Over a cup of chai, Amar, the co-founder of DataSlush, posed a thought-provoking question: “What is Analytics?” His question sparked a fascinating conversation about the essence and importance of analytics in business. We realised that analytics is like a superpower for decision-making—much like a GPS navigating the complex online landscape of your business.

We delved deeper into the conversation about why many companies hesitate to invest in analytics despite its obvious benefits. The reasons differed: lack of knowledge, data quality issues, complexity, uncertainty, or even unclear business objectives. Regardless of the barriers, the crucial role of analytics in data-backed decision-making cannot be ignored. Relying solely on intuition or gut feelings is rarely a sustainable strategy for profitability.

Understanding the root cause of a problem is a pivotal step before making any decision. Knowing your problem is like winning half the battle, yet many companies struggle at this very stage. 

To explore this further, let’s consider a hypothetical analysis of Meesho’s online performance. As I navigated their website on a desktop, three perspectives came to mind: as a customer, a Technical Analytics Engineer, and a Business Analyst aiming to enhance the user experience and boost conversion rates.

Sharing all the three perspectives, thought processes, and approaches that will highlight the critical importance of attention to detail when analysing any data.

As a customer’s viewpoint, — one major challenge I was facing on the website is that the home page is extremely long, and it honestly took away my interest as a customer to engage further with the website. 

Now, here the Analytics Implementation Engineer inside me gets activated, — I examined the data points that are getting collected to prove the above hypothesis true. I noticed that Meesho uses Google Analytics 4 for analysing the user behaviour, but the view_item_list event was inaccurately implemented, triggering on every single item view instead of as a global variable. This misstep results in inaccurate data collection.

As a Business Analyst, I would create a detailed action plan to correct data collection and develop a Data Strategy framework to overcome these challenges, enabling better decision-making.

By identifying the problem of inaccurate tracking, we’ve already won half the battle. Without accurate data, business owners cannot make informed decisions to enhance user experience and improve conversion rates.

To summarise, the power of analytics lies in its ability to transform data into actionable insights. By accurately identifying and addressing the root causes of issues, businesses can enhance user experiences, leading to improved conversion rates and overall success. At DataSlush, we believe in leveraging analytics as a non-tool-specific GPS to navigate the digital business landscape effectively and with different perspectives. We are interested in hearing your thoughts on data analytics. Feel free to share your perspectives by emailing them at or


  • Aarti Thakkar

    Aarti is the Lead Customer Success Manager at DataSlush, collaborating with global brands to optimize data analysis and drive data-driven marketing solutions. With an MBA in Analytics from Ahmedabad University, she excel in translating complex data sets into actionable insights, enhancing ROI, and delivering tailored analytics solutions. Certified in Google Analytics and proficient in Adobe Analytics, MoEngage, Appsflyer, Looker BI, and Looker Studio, Aarti is passionate about leveraging data to solve business problems and empower clients.

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