Case Studies

Elevating Lead Generation by 18%: A Collaborative Journey in Digital Marketing & Analytics

In the world of digital marketing, where being precise and innovative is key, the search for generating quality leads is crucial. This is the journey of how Collideascope, a visionary digital marketing agency, partnered with DataSlush, a leader in data and AI analytics, to empower a homecare service company, Assisted Living Services, Inc. (ALS), in their pursuit of acquiring the right leads and growing their business. ALS, a compassionate provider of homecare services, embarked on a journey to expand their reach and serve more individuals in need.

On the Way to Craft Campaign Brightness 

Collideascope, used insights into ALS’ mission and values, set out to create campaigns that would resonate deeply with potential clients seeking compassionate care solutions. With the help of captivating content, targeted ads, and strategic messaging, they did not only capture attention but also inspire trust and confidence in ALS’ services.

Unleashing the Power of Data for Marketing Strategy

As the campaigns gained momentum, the need for robust analytics to measure their impact became apparent. Enter DataSlush, with their advanced data analytics capabilities and data-driven insights. Partnering with Collideascope as their digital analytics partner, DataSlush implemented tracking mechanisms to meticulously monitor campaign performance and attribution, providing a clear understanding of which strategies were driving the most valuable leads.

Approach to Solution for Accurate Attribution Tracking was must now…

Thus, DataSlush implemented the custom attribution script on the website for understanding the attribution & the impact of paid campaigns throughout the user journey from the first interaction. 

And as the campaigns gained traction, they also faced a common challenge: accurately tracking where their leads were coming from, especially those from direct traffic. This made it difficult to know which marketing efforts were working best.

That’s where DataSlush, with their expertise in data analytics, dug deep into the website’s traffic patterns to uncover the root of the problem. By analysing user behaviour and traffic sources, they identified discrepancies in lead attribution due to user privacy issues from the iOS operating system.

Working together, Collideascope and DataSlush devised a solution to ensure accurate lead tracking across all channels. They refined tracking mechanisms and made strategic adjustments to optimise lead generation efforts.

Precision Targeting for Impactful Results

With these improvements, Collideascope had better insights to refine their campaigns, allocate resources wisely, and drive real results for ALS. The collaboration between Collideascope and DataSlush showcases the power of data-driven decision-making in maximising marketing impact and fueling business growth.

By leveraging insights into audience demographics, behaviours, and preferences, they honed in on the most promising leads, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent yielded maximum return on investment.

One more step towards higher Lead Submissions through Hypothesis Testing

Recognizing the importance of continuous improvement, DataSlush turned to hypothesis testing to further enhance their lead generation efforts & improve the customer experience. They meticulously crafted hypotheses aimed at optimising elements of the website, from call-to-action buttons to the lead page layouts for mobile pages.

By implementing the winning variations identified through hypothesis testing, ALS saw a substantial increase in key metrics. Lead submission rates increased by 18%, and improved the qualified leads by 24%.

A Continued Journey of Innovation and Growth

To conclude, Assisted Living Services, Inc. stands as a shining example of the transformative power of collaboration and innovation in digital marketing. Through the strategic guidance of Collideascope and the data-driven insights provided by DataSlush, they continue to redefine the standards of excellence in home care services, ensuring that every individual in need receives the compassionate care they deserve.

Client Testimonial:

“We are incredibly grateful for the partnership with Collideascope and DataSlush. Their expertise and dedication have been instrumental in elevating our digital marketing efforts and driving meaningful results. With their support, we’ve been able to reach and serve more individuals in need of compassionate care, ultimately fulfilling our mission of making a difference in people’s lives.” – Mario D’Aquila, CEO of Assisted Living Services, Inc.