Case Studies

The Power of Data - Achieving Surge in Conversions by 33%

In the current world of digital marketing, where every click counts and every interaction matters, this article will stand out as a demonstration to the strength of collaboration and data-driven decision-making. It is a journey to enhance user experience, boost conversions, and elevate marketing strategies to new heights.

Mans Lumber, a prominent player in the construction industry, faced the challenge of optimizing its online presence to drive tangible results. With many products and services to offer, understanding the digital landscape effectively was very important for them.

Bringing Change Together: DataSlush and Collideascope Team Up

DataSlush, a Data and AI company, helped Mans Lumber in implementing tracking solutions using Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager. With meticulous attention to detail, it was taken care that every interaction on Mans Lumber’s digital platforms was accurately captured and analysed. This laid the foundation for informed decision-making and targeted optimization strategies.

Collideascope, a dynamic marketing agency, utilising the invaluable data insights, took charge of crafting and executing dynamic marketing campaigns. Leveraging the power of data-driven analysis, Collideascope designed strategies to relate with Mans Lumber’s target audience, driving engagement and conversions to new heights.

Revealing Insights: How Data-Driven Decisions Shape Success

As the partnership between Mans Lumber, Collideascope, and DataSlush evolved, so did the results. 

DataSlush took a data-driven approach by analyzing user behavior to identify valuable insights, allowing for the optimization of the user journey. We identified a potential bottleneck in the user journey for the majority of visitors coming via mobile devices: it was difficult to access location-specific information. Understanding the critical role of accessibility in driving conversions, we hypothesized that enhancing the visibility of local phone numbers for mobile users could significantly improve user experience and, consequently, conversion rates. As a next step, we implemented the hypothesis on the website directly within the menu to streamline the process for users to find relevant contact information with ease. Thus, our approach to the solution includes identifying pain points to uncover untapped opportunities, we strengthen every decision with actionable data.

With these invaluable insights, Collideascope refined marketing strategies to align with evolving consumer preferences and market dynamics. Utilising data-driven precision, every decision, from personalized ad campaigns to targeted content initiatives, was strategically crafted to resonate with Mans Lumber’s audience. The result? Remarkable outcomes that moved Mans Lumber’s success to new heights.


Making an Impact:

In this collaborative journey, Mans Lumber experienced a shift in performance metrics over the past three weeks. With the help of data-driven decision-making:

  • There was an improvement in the overall conversion rate by 38% over the previous period, to an impressive 21%. 

  • The qualified leads also increased by ~185%, while the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) dropped by 60% showcasing the efficiency in marketing spend optimization. 

In the end, the results spoke for themselves—a proof to the power of partnership, innovation, and data-driven strategies. 

Curious about how data can boost your business? Interested in knowing how to navigate the digital world effectively? Reach out to DataSlush now to discover how data-driven insights can transform your success story! At DataSlush, we are committed to leveraging data insights to unlock opportunities for growth and success for our clients.


Client Testimonial:

“We are thrilled with the transformative results achieved through our partnership with Collideascope and DataSlush. In just three weeks, we’ve experienced a notable increase in conversion rates. This impact portrays the effectiveness of their strategies and the power of data-driven decision-making. We couldn’t be more impressed with the dedication, expertise, and innovation demonstrated by the Collideascope and DataSlush teams. For any company seeking to maximise conversions and drive growth in the digital landscape, we recommend partnering with Collideascope and DataSlush.” – Mans Lumber